We don't believe in legalese, our policy is simple, once the payment is processed, we send you the product. If there are issues with the product, or if it is not delivered, please contact us and we will help you work through it. Your data is not shared with 3rd parties except where necessary to process payments and handle shipments. Our full cancellation and returns policy can be found at https://santoryu.com/content/6-cancellation-and-return-policy

Please note that we comply with all GDPR regulations. You are able to easily check all information we have on file regarding yourself, and can make requests directly. We take your information very seriously, and nothing is used externally with the exception of shipping information.

More on GDPR: https://gdpr-info.eu/

Regarding suppliers - we spend a lot of time to make sure are suppliers are providing products of the highest quality to make sure you are satisfied as the customer. However, given the volume of suppliers we work with, it is possible that mistakes may be made from time to time. We apologize in advance for any such incidents and commit to working with you to either issue a refund, or work with you to find a solution that is best for everyone. That said, we can not take responsibility for all of our suppliers ourselves as the activities are not under our control. We do regularly review all products and suppliers, and remove anyone that we believe does not adhere to our policies and quality standards.